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About me

My Story

I am Abdul Rahim and this is my self-help blog which includes news and research about the power of positive thinking. Knowing that to change what’s on the outside, you must first change what’s on the inside. Learning how to exercise the mind to make it stronger with links to apparel, books, and motivational messages.

Helping you to try everything into removing negative feelings and achieving positive ones. But it all started with the belief and the expectation that the impossible was not only possible but that it was certain to happen. So let’s substitute a better word for impossible: “unbelievable.” 

As I started researching online I found affiliate marketing to be the ideal way for me to make money online. No customer service, no storing of stock, and No upfront payment. You don’t even have to create your own products, you only need to promote another company’s product or service.

How to Make HUGE Money Online as an Affiliate